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Facilitating Tips

Facilitating Tips

FAMA Methodology | EN

Lynn Curtis – Interweave SOlutions

Learn how to lead a FAMA discussion as a method of team and trust building among learners. FAMA stands for: Facts, Association, Meaning, Action.

We Need a Mariachi Band | EN

Lynn CUrtis – Interweave SOlutions

As a result of FAMA discussions, communities are able to come together to identify and solve their own problems.

The Football Pitch | EN

Lynn CUrtis – Interweave SOlutions

Lynn Curtis discusses an example of how communities, families, and businesses are able to impactfully work together in unique ways.

Improve Teaching

How to Be a Better Facilitator

Create Energy in Your Groups | EN

Interweave Solutions

As a success ambassador, finding ways to make sure that your group is having fun while being actively engaged is important!

The 6 P’s of Activity | EN

Interweave SOlutions

Learn about the 6 P’s of activity: Plan, Product, Process, Promotion, Price, and Paperwork.

Success Ambassador

How to Be a Better Success Ambassador

Become a Success Ambassador | EN

Interweave SOlutions

Learn about how to become a success ambassador with Interweave Solutions’ Master of Business in the Streets (MBS) Program.

How to Form a Group | EN

Interweave Solutions

Are you ready to make a difference in your local community? Watch this short video to learn how to get started!


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